call me by your name

  • fly motif?
  • use of piano music (Elio’s instrument), use of music specifically for variants of piano duet (4 hands, 2 pianos)
  • Elio, a musician? Bach, Liszt, Busoni, Schoenberg? Ravel? 
  • love as open secret, unfamiliar, yet not a thing to be afraid of
  • love and self-identity; “call me by your name”, who we love is such a part of who we are and who we become
  • first love, unfamiliar, perhaps feels forbidden but “right” and unstoppable. several factors emphasized here. problematic? perhaps. poetic? also perhaps.
  • Une barque sur l’ocean, Hallelujah Junction, Ma mère l’oye, Wachet auf... pieces of fairytale comportment (except Bach). 
  • politics? vote signs? 5-party government? sociopolitical backdrop of “innocent” love story? 
  • evocation of antiquity (pederasty – but not pedophilia!) casts a mythical, "Dionysian" light