What goes unsaid (2017-18)
for voice and small mixed ensemble
text by Claudia Rankine (from Citizen)

Words work as release; well-oiled doors opening and closing between intention, gesture. A pulse in the neck, the shiftiness of hands, an unconscious blink, the conversations you have with your eyes translate everything and nothing. What will be needed, what goes unfelt, unsaid, what has been duplicated, redacted here, redacted there, altered to hide or disguise. Words encoding the bodies they cover.

And despite everything, the body remains.

Occasionally, it is interesting to think about the outburst if you would just cry out –

To know what you'll sound like is worth noting –

First performance at MISE-EN_PLACE, Brooklyn, NY (4/13/2018):
Amber Evans, voice
Ford Fourqurean, bass clarinet
Issei Herr, cello
Sam Zagnit, bass
Humay Gasimzade, piano
Caitlin Cawley, vibraphone

Additional performances by Verdant Vibes in Providence, RI (12/14/2018) and Newport, RI (12/16/2018)
Stephanie Lamprea, voice
Chuck Furlong, bass clarinet
Zan Berry, cello
Jacob Richman, bass
Kirsten Volness, keyboard
Piero Guimaraes, vibraphone