Eve Beglarian, composer
Bruce Broughton, composer
Mark Carlson, composer
Gloria Cheng, pianist
David Conte, composer
Gregory Conway, music educator
James Lent, pianist
Anthony de Mare, pianist
Sean Friar, composer
Reiko Füting, composer
Claude Monteux, flutist
Christopher Oldfather, composer
Margaret Kampmeier, pianist
Yarn/Wire, piano and percussion quartet

Caitlin Cawley, percussionist
Haosi Howard Chen, composer and pianist
Brian Daurelle, pianist
Amber Evans, vocalist
Niall Ferguson, cellist
Francesca Ferrara, flutist
Ford Fourqurean, clarinet
Sam Clark-McHale, composer
Salina Fisher, composer
Simon Frisch, composer
Hojoon Kim, creative director
Iris Goldstazjn, writer
Jennifer Shadd, filmmaker
Nicky Sohn, composer
Stefanie Tam, graphic designer
Richard Valitutto, pianist
Lena Vidulich, violinist and violist
Sam Wu, composer
Huizi Zhang, pianist

New Music on the Point
Yarn/Wire Institute
Manhattan School of Music
Hoff-Barthelson Music School
Brooklyn Youth Chorus
Monday Evening Concerts
Wild Up
Unheard-of Ensemble
American Youth Symphony
Hopkins Junior High School Music Department